Speaker down! . . . . . . . Tears were nearly shed,

Went into the office tonight to do some out of hours maintenance on a customers server. Thought it would be too quiet so I dug out my VideoLogic Sirocco speakers out of storage.

My obsession started with this set of speakers must have started in 1998, when I went to what used to be called Computer Trade Show (CTS) at the NEC. I got in there and heard a sound a good distance away but it sounded incredibly clear with no distortion at all. This is back when PC audio was a long way off what it is today. They were the opposite side of the hall and were just incredible, the problem, they were £600.

My lovely wife brought me a set off eBay from Italy around 5 years ago now, and I am so happy with them. They were just boxed up to go between offices.

I got them out and the left speaker was producing no top end, 15 minutes and a coffee later I was so mardy I took the tweeter out. Just to find it had become disconnected. Which is very odd as it was such a tight connection to get back on.