People often ask why I carry a real camera everywhere I go.

I tend to carry one of my Samsung NX camera’s everywhere I go. It could be the smaller compact NX500 often with my favourite 45mm lens which is reasonably small too, or the larger and all out awesome NX1 usually with the 16-50mm S lens.

Mobile phone cameras are good, very good. The camera in my Moto X Style is a 21MP Sony IMX230 F2.0 module and is pretty damn impressive, but small sensors & very compact optics are still lagging behind the quality of a lot of cameras.

This evening I went shopping on the way home from work and on my way back to the car I saw the last couple of minutes of the sunset, 2 minutes after I took this it was practically dark.

Moments like this are why I carry a real camera as I know my Moto X’s camera just does not have the dynamic range to capture the detail of the colour.

JPEG vs RAW file format is another huge reason but that is a topic for another post.